Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Electronic Nectar Collector Green (2024)

Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Wax Dab Pen Electric Nectar Collector

Lookah has just launched this brand new Electric Nectar Collector for 2021 called the Lookah Seahorse 2.0. Now I know you might be thinking that the Lookah Seahorse 2.0 looks almost identical to the original Lookah Seahorse, however they have made quite a few changes making the 2.0 more powerful, tasty, and an absolutely must have!

How did they make the Seahorse 2.0 so much tastier and powerful than the Seahorse and Seahorse Pro? It's all in the Tip!

The Number #1 Electric Nectar Collector for the past 4 years running has and continues to be the Huni Badger. It’s power combined with it’s taste offers the ultimate on the go dabbing experience. The Huni Badger tip has been its secret sauce, which is now beginning to be duplicated by other manufacturers and put on to the less expensive models, such as the Seahorse 2.0 and the Rokin Stinger. You will see more devices adopt this technology over the next few months.

If you take a closer look you'll see that the Coil paired with this device is now a straw-like Ceramic Tube Coil Tip, it has numerous layers of ceramic encircling the heating element which ensures the smoothest and most evenly vaporized dab. The ceramic layers also mitigate the chance of burning through your wax when edging the device into your concentrates. The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Tip is now more durable and easier to use, however this device is also compatible with the Seahorse Pro Quartz Coil, Seahorse Pro Ceramic Coil, and 510 Cartridges!

Like the original Lookah Seahorse, this e-nectar collector has a manual and automatic mode, both of which can operate in three temperature settings. The three temperature settings on the Seahorse 2.0 range from 710 degrees, 790 degrees, all the way up to 840 degrees, which makes certain you'll be getting way bigger and thicker clouds compared to the original Seahorse and Seahorse Pro. The well known and loved 30 second sesh mode also carried over to the Seahorse 2.0, giving you consistent heat to your tip for 30 seconds so you can continue to dab without preheating your coil over again!

The Seahorse 2.0 features an improved air path and easily comes apart to make cleaning hassle free. For cleaning, all you would do is remove the coil, the screw on magnet, the 510 thread top, and mouth piece to find the air path. The air path runs directly from along side of the 510 thread connector all the way through to the top of the device, just dip the cleaning brush in some isopropyl alcohol or a cleaning solution and pass it through the air passage to remove any build up or residue left behind.

The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Mouthpiece is held in place by a magnetic connection and so is the Tip Cap, the tip cap covers your coil when your device is not in use so that the tip is always protected incase of a drop. The Cap also stops your Seahorse 2.0 Coil from getting any lint or debris stuck inside of it while you are on the go, it is made of plastic so it is recommended you let your device cool before placing the cap back on to avoid melting.

With a reversible USB Type-C port for charging, you won't have to worry about jamming the cable in the wrong way and possibly damaging the port. No matter how blazed you get, charging your Lookah Seahorse 2.0 is absolutely foolproof. The upgraded USB-C charging capabilities to the Seahorse 2.0 allows your device to charge super fast so you can get back to your sesh without missing a beat.

This versatile Electric Nectar Collector Dab Pen can be used with your water pipe as a portable e-nail, simply add some concentrate to the tip, insert the device mouthpiece first into your water pipe paired with the silicone adapters (sold separately), and heat the tip by pressing the button to vape. This method can also be used with a 510 thread cartridges as well.


  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Battery: 650mah
  • 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • Compatible with 510 cartridges
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • Ceramic Tube Coil Tip
  • Three Temperature Settings


  • Portable and Compatible with Bongs & Rigs when Paired with Adapters or Silicone Hose
  • Redesigned Airflow & Air Path
  • Unique Magnetic Mouthpiece & Tip Cap
  • 30 Second Sesh Mode
  • Pre-Heat Function
  • Updated Durable Coil Tip

The Seahorse 2.0 Electric Nectar Collector Kit Includes:

  • 1x Seahorse 2.0
  • 1x Magnetic Tip Cover
  • 1x Seahorse Coil type III
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x USB- C Cable

Compatible With :

  • Lookah Seahorse Dual Ceramic Coil
  • Lookah Seahorse Replacement Coil 1.2 Ohm Quartz Coil
  • Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Coil Ceramic Tube Coil
  • Lookah Quartz-Taste Wax Tank One Cart + Four Different Coils
  • Lookah Seahorse Pro Green Short Hose 12 Inches 14mm 18mm Adapter
  • Lookah Seahorse Protective Travel Leather Zipper Case
  • 14mm and 18mm Water Pipes (must have adapters)

Quick Tip:​

Maintaining a Nectar Collector

Once you’ve gotten the hang of operating a nectar collector, whether it be electric or manual, you’ll need to maintain it. Ultimately, cleaning it after each use will keep the actual cleaning process simple, fast, and efficient, but if you can’t do that, try to clean it after each third or fourth use.

Cleaning an e-nectar collector is rather straightforward via two methods:

  • Over-saturating the coil will decrease the coils vaporization rate (decreasing the cloud size). It is always recommended to slightly touch the edge of the concentrates with the coil tip, never dipping it into concentrate.
  • Ideally after each session you may want to run a cleaning cycle, this will prevent gunking of your coil while increasing the lifespan and taste. A cleaning cycle (a frequent clean method) is done by running your device to its max temperature until there is no vapor rising from the coil, meaning there are no excess concentrate remaining on it or in it.
  • To clean your e-nectar collector, soak a long cotton swab in our Formula 710 Cleaning Solution or any other cleaning solution then clean the airway of your device to remove any remaining reclaim.

Proper Storage of your nectar collector will elongate your products lifespan. Some coils and devices are more fragile than others, keeping your device in a safe case is recommended. So, find a safe spot to store your nectar collector where it will not risk breaking.

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Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Electronic Nectar Collector Green (2024)


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